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In this page you will see all past papers. Past papers play an important role in the preparation of exams and job tests. It’s give an idea to students and job seekers, who’s exams or jobs test is upcoming. Past papers are very helpful for jobs seekers; with the help of this they will know the paper pattern and syllabus, which will help in preparation and will focus on main topics to study. It saves time. In Pakistan there are some recruitment agencies, some of them are government and some are private. In this topic we will discuss one by one to give you complete information about how they work, their syllabus for different categories of test, their interview process, time and selection process.

All Past Papers

    Federal Govt Papers

      FPSC Past Papers

        In government sector there are some famous and well-known recruitment agencies. Which are responsible for the recruitment of staff and officers in different governmental organizations and departments.They are the following,

        1) Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)
        2) Punjab Public Service Commission  (PPSC)
        3) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission  (KPPSC)
        4) Sindh Public Service Commission  (SPSC)
        5) Balochistan Public Service Commission  (BPSC)
        6) Some are Departmental

        Now to Briefly discuss one by one

        1) FPSC: FPSC is a federal government department and is responsible for the recruitment of staff and officers in federal departments and organizations only. Which includes department like WAPDA (water and power development authority), Pakistan Railway, SNGPL, OGDCL, Motorway Police, Islamabad Police, Pakistan Post, Federal Courts, Federal secretariat and some federal ministries etc. For FPSC jobs all Pakistani nationals can apply across the country including Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu And Kashmir and FATA. FPSC is a big government recruitment  agency which announce jobs in different departments regularly and frequently, that’s why it is very famous and people wish to be selected through FPSC. FPSC famous exam for recruitment is CSS (Central Superior Services), The CSS exam is conduct every year, in which officers in Grade BPS-17 are selected after an exam ( Which includes 12 Papers, 6 of them are Compulsory and 6 of your choice and an interview) in different federal departments. Their official website is . In this page you will see almost every FPSC past paper for different posts and CSS past papers.

        2) PPSC: PPSC is a Punjab government department and is responsible for the recruitment of staff and officers in Punjab government departments only. For PPSC jobs only those Pakistani whose domicile is of Province Punjab can apply for the jobs. Besides that the famous exam of PPSC is PMS ( Provincial management system), Its same as of CSS but PMS is only for the selected province people. PPSC regularly advertise jobs in different department of Punjab Government. Their official website is . You should regularly visit this website for all the latest  PPSC jobs and PPSC past papers.

        3) KPPSC: KPPSC is a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government department and is responsible for the recruitment of staff and officers in KPk government departments only. It is same as PPSC but only KPK domiciles Pakistani can apply for their jobs. KPPSC also advertise jobs regularly in different KPK government departments . Their official website is . You should regularly visit this website for all the latest  KPPSC jobs and KPPSC past papers.

        4) SPSC: SPSC is like PPSC and KPPSC, but only the people of Sindh province can apply for SPSC jobs. Their official website is .

        5) BPSC: BPSC is a Balochistan public service commission and recruit staff and officers in Balochistan government departments only. Its recruitment process is same as PPSC, KPPSC and SPSC. Their official website is .

        Now to discuss some private recruitment agencies, which are also famous and works across the country. These private agencies recruit staff and officers is for federal and also for provinces. Some of them are the following,

        1) National Testing Service (NTS)
        2) Open Testing Service (OTS)
        3) Universal Testing Service (UTS)

        Now to briefly discuss one by one

        1) National Testing Service (NTS): NTS is a popular and well-known private recruitment agency, which works across the country, and recruit staff and officers for different government and private departments and educational institutes. NTS has a website where you can see all the latest jobs, test dates , selected candidates, interviews schedule and time. Their apply process is almost online and has some fee for the application process. The application form and all about every information is available on their website.

        2) Open Testing Service (OTS): OTS is same as NTS

        3) Universal Testing Service (UTS): UTS also works like NTS and OTS.

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